[ Music ] >> I think that's what makes university education, especially here at Cal State at San Bernadino so unique because we have faculty who are very, very diverse. Faculty who come from my background, or that may come from a multi-generational academic family. Or anywhere in between. I think every one of those faculty members have something unique to contribute to both the faculty, or academic faculty here, but also to our students. I chose CSUSB is because of being able to be part of a Hispanic serving institution of which I am a product of. And then also being with other colleagues who feel the same way as I do. You know, being with faculty who've had that same feeling of a mission of providing and educating our students and also being active members of the community. And contributing to the community is very important for me. Being able to broaden your horizons is important for growth. And having diversity in the classroom really pushes students who have that to challenge themselves both in their views, and also the view of others. Within the field of social work, I'm Latino and male, right? So, I feel that that's in some ways also unique. To have a Latino male social work professor. Because there's not many Latino male social work professors. And I think that is something very important into the contribution that I have with my colleagues in my department, but also in my college. But then also to my students as well. I think that having the perspective where I come from is very important in their studies and of their understanding of their community in which they're a part of. [ Music ] [ Howling ]